My Story

SCOPE actually began as a grassroots movement and like many grassroots movements, it began with the passion and mission of a mom. I believe there is an opportunity for improvement and by working together with organizations and programs, SCOPE can translate the message of the importance of STEAM to society, in order to ensure a better future for our country.

Why I should be so bold as to why I believe I can bring this message?

I started my life out in California, planning to go into PoliSci, but things changed and instead, I became a shoe designer who traveled the world. And when you travel the world, you develop a keen sense of trend forecasting. I saw things changing around me. Globalization was coming in a big way. For example, I had seen a model that had been used in Germany for businesses that moved offshore. In their country,  it was apparent that they had made a concerted effort to train their workforce to a higher level, and they succeeded.

Cancer’s Silver Lining

But then, I get married, move to St. Louis and am a stay-at-home mother to my two children. When I was 35, I was diagnosed with a very rare form of Cancer. It was a lymphoma and there were only two widely known treatments. The first was unsuccessful in treating my lymphoma. When I was getting ready for the second treatment, I asked my husband if he would keep the promise, to travel around the world with our children. The world had forever changed into a global world, and I wanted my children to see that. And I decided, before my second treatment, I wanted a second opinion. So I traveled to get another opinion and was told, “You are with world class doctors, you are in the best hands”. As a native Californian, I was surprised when I was told to “go back to Missouri”, but I believed them and went back and had my second treatment. After another unsuccessful treatment, my cancer was back.

But then, they asked if I wanted to participate in a very new clinical study involving the new nano targeted therapies.

I stand before you today…cured.

And while that is amazing in itself, the people that really deserve the credit are all of those involved behind the scenes. There was the administrator that wrote the grant, the scientists that found success in nano targeted therapies, the IP lawyer that protected the property, the grad students that worked hard, the doctor that conducted the study, and the venture capitalist that took risks in funding the study. They are the ones that got up everyday to make the difference. Me, I simply woke up and took the medicine.

Cynthia Lloyd

Founder & CEO, SCOPE

As I’m sure you can imagine, the first thing I said was, “how can I be of service”. How can I help to make a difference? My doctor explained how there were issues accessing science and technology, and the accessibility to STEM resources.

As a result, my goal became connecting the amazing resources in Missouri and other states across the nation, to parents and teachers, and by invoking interest in kids to excite them about STEM.

Our Driving Force

Our Mission

To share information and connect real life opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) related: activities, programs, organizations, scholarships, internships and workforce opportunities; in order to better the lives of citizens, our economy and global leadership in innovation.

This is SCOPE

Our mission is to bring the benefits of science and technology to communities across the country.

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Our Team

Juvan Bonni

Juvan Bonni

Project Manager STEAM–Education to Workforce

Beca Dennis

Beca Dennis



Allison Doerr

Allison Doerr

Public Relations


Mitchell Kramer

Mitchell Kramer



Julia jesielowski

Julia jesielowski


Junior Board Members

Bryan Walsh

ArtDimenstions St. Louis, President

Cynthia Graville

Research Assistant at University of Missouri - St. Louis

Jason Lindsey

Executive Director Hooked on Science

Jeremy Pollock

Sr. Software Developer, Brown Shoe Company

Krystal Salamon

Community Relations Specialist, St. Louis Science Center

Ryan Blackburn

Financial Consultant, Financial Management Partners

Whitney L. Sparks

Information and Research Specialist for Public Affairs, Monsantio

Rebecca Dohrman

Assistant Professor at Maryville University in Communication/Public Relation